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Testimonials from National Insurance Companies

Insurance Company 1:
This letter serves to advise you of my profound respect for the professionalism of your Company. Their abilities for arranging appropriate medical specialists for physical examinations in a expeditious and timely manner, within given physical distance parameters is unique in your very competitive field.


I, as well as innumerable other professionals in my office, have utilized your services in the last several years. You have a staff of friendly, cooperative, individuals who arrange for a timely scheduling of appointments, forward correspondence to claimants making them aware of their responsibilities to appear and cooperate with the scheduled examinations.

In my professional opinion your staff far surpasses vendors in your field most especially because they have the abilities to meet our needs.


Insurance Company 2:
I am very happy with the level of service I receive from Prizm Medical Resources. Things are handled promptly and professionally. Thank you very much!


Insurance Company 3:
I think extremely highly of Prizm Medical Resources. They do everything I ask them to do and sometimes more than they really need to do. This is why I give them all my business.

Testimonials from Law Firms

Law Firm 1:
This is just a short note to compliment you and your staff for excellent work. Since starting to use your company, we have had excellent results and service from both you and your staff. Recently, I was in need of a C.V. on one of your physicians who had done a peer review for one of my cases that was going to trial. I called your office at approximately 4:30pm. I needed the C.V. by the end of the day. I asked the receptionist for help. By the time I had hung up the phone, the document was on its way via the fax! This was extremely helpful for a difficult case that we were defending. Thank you for all of your help. I hope that we can continue a long relationship with your company.

Law Firm 2:
I am thrilled and everyone at Prizm is very accommodating. I’m surprised they put up with everything. I couldn't be happier.


Law Firm3:

I am very satisfied with Prizm Medical Resources. I am happy with all of their services.

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